A Belated Halloween Tale

So a lot of my writing these days contains some very definite non-PG parts, so I’ve avoided posting short stories and such to this blog. However, I did write one for Halloween that only has a single naughty word in it. I hope you enjoy it… and are creeped out by it. Muahahahaha!! 

She came to such a sudden stop that a plume of dust arose at her feet. Spiders crossed the road in front of her. Not just one or two… thousands and thousands of spiders. Some were tiny, while others were a big as her hand, with every size in between. Her mouth fell open, a horrified expression on her face.

“My children,” said a tinny mechanical voice behind her. She spun and cried out in stunned horror at the sight of a spider as big as the house she lived in with her family. “They are beautiful, are they not?” He asked, and she was certain she heard pride in the voice of the Swamp Spider.

She stumbled a step back, and the Spider’s pearly eyes regarded her with a chilling solemnness. His mandibles spread wide, and broad elastic strands shot from him to wrap around her body. She fell to the ground, wrapped securely in the webbing, from her neck to her groin, then from her upper thighs to her feet.

Screaming, she thrashed in the web, feeling it tighten more and more around her. Her eyes widened as, looking up, she saw that giant spider stepping towards her, long hairy legs moving rather daintily given the bulk of his body.

He stopped over her bound form, and she could see the translator strapped to his abdomen. Tears streamed down her face as she hiccuped out some sobs, trembling wildly in terror. “W-what are y-you.. g… going to d-do to m… me?” She stammered out.

His multiple eyes stared down at her, their pearly luminescence unblinking. She could hear the whir and click of the translator, as it seemed to struggle. Finally, the Spider’s mechanical voice sounded again. “Experiment. You will be the first.”

As the last word left him, his mandibles clicked together several times. Suddenly, the stream of spiders shifted course, instead charging towards her. She screamed and screamed as tiny legs tickled her, and in spite of the webbed barrier, she could feel the finely haired legs marching over her body.

Spider after spider wedged themselves into her ears, while others ran into her mouth as she writhed against the ground. The screams she would have uttered were choked off by the multitude of small arachnids filling her mouth. Still more spiders pushed into her pussy and anus until she was stuffed full of them, and she had the fleeting thought that spiders were even invading her eyes before she passed out.

When she awoke, she was on a stone bed, much like an exam table. The sticky webbing still held her fast, and she had the sense of being bloated. Lifting her head, she noted the obscene curvature of her belly and immediately felt sick. She was laying there, slow tears trickling down her temples to wet her hair, when the giant spider entered the room.

He loomed over her, mandibles lowering toward her immobile form. She squeezed her eyes closed tightly, prepared for the slash of the pincher-like jaws on her body. Instead, she felt the investigative touch of the sensory hairs on its foremost leg. “You do not need to fear me. The Swamp People do not harm rational beings.”

Her eyes flew open, the bright blue orbs stunned. “Then why are you doing this to me?” The translator whirred and clicked rapidly, seeming to indicate a sudden flurry of words. “The gods of this world… they think we are weak. I will build an army, and then Swamp People will overthrow this alien species.”

She felt his leg stroking over her bare hip, and she gave a shake of her head, confused. Perhaps the Spider saw this, for he added, “You are my incubator. You will bear my children and grandchildren. You are the first.”

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