Kristan Paige is a writer, journalist and publisher living in Central Texas. She formerly owned and published the virtual worlds publication “The Metaverse Messenger,” and is an expert in virtual worlds and social networking.  She also writes freelance articles and creates machinima (movies made in virtual worlds).

She and her online newspaper have been featured in “Second Life: The Official Guide,” “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life,” and “The Second Life Grid,” as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Paige operated the newspaper and wrote articles for it under the name Katt Kongo.


Journalism in Second Life

Virtual worlds reach out to the real one

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life

Journalism in Second Life

The Metaverse Messenger

Living Virtually

2 comments on “About

  1. Landon says:

    are you the girl form sugarland?

  2. kristanphall says:

    No, that’s Kristen Hall. I’m Kristan Hall. One spelling is Norwegian, and the other is Swedish.

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